Villages Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

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Send mail to: 18271 Singingwood Ln., Flint, TX, 75762
903-534-9060    Office hours: Tuesday~Thursday, 8am-5pm.

The VHOA Board of Directors normally meets on the third Tuesday of each month.  The first part of the meeting is for Members scheduled  to bring new business to the Board. Please call our office if you desire to address the Board at the meeting.  All members are encouraged to attend these meetings and see what topics of interest the Board is working on for your community.

Annually, new Board Members and Committee Members are needed. You are encouraged to contact us and volunteer to serve!

If you are thinking about purchasing a lot, building a new home, or making exterior renovations,  please refer to the Building Requirements, the Comments about New Home Construction and the  various Guidelines provided in the Architectural Control Committee section on this website.

If you are a title company needing a copy of the deeded property restrictions or other forms for a  closing, please refer to the VHOA Notice of Membership, the Restrictions & Covenants and the  VHOA List of Fees and Charges sections provided on this website.

This VHOA is comprised of ten (10) subdivisions, as listed in our Management Certificate and  on Page 5 of the referenced Restrictions & Covenants. You may also refer to the VHOA Units Map  for the locations and extents of each of these subdivisions. All these documents are provided on this  website.

Garages and Driveways:
. see Building Requirements, XIV, XVIII, XIX
Culverts and Drainage Ditches:
. see Restrictions & Covenants, clarifications adopted September 19, 2017
Provisional Burn requirements:
. see Restrictions & Covenants, clarification adopted November 21, 2017
. see Building Requirements, XXIV
. see Comments about New Home Construction, topic 2
. see Information for New Members

Remarks regarding this website should be sent by Email to

Welcome to our Community

VHOA Notice of Membership

VHOA Security Services

VHOA Properties Maps

Board Members / Terms

  • Curtis Thompson – President/ 2020
  • Stan Jensen – Vice President/ 2018
  • Larry Abbott – Treasurer / 2018
  • Delores Wilabay – Secretary / 2020
  • Mike Brown – 2020
  • Jim Sheridan – 2019
  • Lloyd Aulie – 2019

Committee Members

  • Architectural Control Committee:
    .     Curtis Thompson, C.A. Buster, Jim Sheridan, Brandon Foard
  • Audit Committee – Bill Turinsky, Lloyd Aulie, Larry Abbott, Delores Wilabay
  • Covenant Compliance Committee – Stan Jensen, Larry Abbott
  • Recreation Committee – Barbara Carter, Barbara Brown
  • Communications Committee – Barbara Carter
  • Nominating Committee – Jim Sheridan, Jim Lozier
  • Maintenance Committee – Curtis Thompson, Jim Lozier
  • Road Committee – Mike Brown, Curtis Thompson
  • ————————————————
  • Office Secretary – Barbara Carter

VHOA Recording Documents

VHOA Financial Information

VHOA Lots for Sale

VHOA Animal Control Policy



By‐Laws and Restrictions & Covenants

Have you misplaced your deed restrictions since you settled into your home?  Do you rent or lease a house in our community?  Do you need a copy of our Restrictions & Covenants for a closing?  Please refer to the following items:

Architectural Control Committee Information

Thinking about buying a lot, building a new house, doing some remodeling or adding a fence, a shed, a deck, or a pool? The Architectural Control Committee provides information that will help you before you begin the design of your project. This is the place to check and make sure your project plans will meet your community requirements. Planning to remove some trees? Be sure to call the office first, and an ACC member will call you and visit your site.